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REGIPIO is a publisher of educational ESL games for English language learners. We approach language teaching in an unconventional way.
Our ESL games are based on learning through play which greatly facilitates the memorization and understanding of English. Games are designed for both children and adults. REGIPIO ESL board and card games have  been developed by teachers with passion, sound methodology, and practical experience.
Our games develop English vocabulary, grammar skills, and speaking skills. The main idea of REGIPIO educational games is to stimulate language acquisition and retention and to facilitate learning in a natural and fun manner.Teachers agree that their students become high achievers because of them.
Our games not only make your lessons exciting, but also make your students happy!


About Richmond

A market-leading publisher of quality English language teaching materials, Richmond is part of Sanoma Learning, an educational company that has supported over 20 million students with inclusive, holistic learning solutions, across 11 European countries and for over 22 years. Founded in 1992, our aim is to champion the English language and support those who teach and learn it by offering the latest in product design and classroom methodology.

Richmond and Sanoma Learning are also wholeheartedly committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, especially those that refer to Quality Education and Partnerships for the Goals.

Our mission is to help all students fulfill their potential. 

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