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Who is Oxford TEFL?

Oxford TEFL is a world leader in English as a foreign language teacher training. Since 1998, we have trained over 5000 teachers now working worldwide. We offer online and face to face (in Barcelona) Cambridge CELTA courses, online and blended Trinity DipTESOL courses and online teacher development courses.

Our tutors are experts in teacher training and active in the ELT industry. We strive to create a positive, dynamic and supportive environment where our students, teachers and team can focus on their learning and teaching aims and enjoy the experience of achieving them.

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What can we do for you?

TEFL Courses

For those who would like to become qualified teachers, we provide intensive 4 or 14-week Cambridge CELTA courses, either online or in our modern school in central Barcelona.

AdvanceD courses

If you are looking for an advanced qualification in ELT, you could consider the Trinity DipTESOL (Delta equivalent). Study online or in a blended format and learn from world-renowned tutors.

Development courses

We provide online development courses with expert tutor support which provide a way for teachers and school managers to develop their skills in specific areas of the ELT industry.


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